Answers To Frequently Asked Car Dealership Questions in New Jersey

Here at All American Ford in Old Bridge, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your car shopping experience. Transparency is very important to us, because we know it's important to you! If you're a first time buyer, there are more than a few things you may want to ask. Even if you've purchased your fair share of vehicles, but haven't in awhile, a lot has changed. There are pop-up dealerships and nationwide car centers advertising the new way to shop. It may look good in theory, but believe what we hear from our customers - it's not good in execution.

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about our business and processes and the answers. If there's anything you feel we've left out, don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at


Q: Why is family owned & operated important?

A: Every business is basically family owned in the beginning by nature. Almost all businesses claim to be family operated, but really aren't. We won't name any specifically but around here, we've got car dealerships owned by folks that live in Florida, or just show their daughters or sons in quick commercials. The word operated is surely used very loosely. All American Ford in Old Bridge truly is family owned, and more importantly, family operated. Our All American Auto Group is owned by two families, the Savinos and Selmans. Both families have numerous family members running the day to day operations of each location. And I mean running the places - in high positions like General Managers and Service Directors. Right here in Old Bridge, the Dealer Principle is Rich Savino. His three sons run the day-to-day operations of each major department. His oldest son Chris is the General Manager, his middle son Nick is the Service & Parts Director and his youngest son Jason heads the Marketing department. There is never a day that at least 2-3 Savino's aren't here in Old Bridge running the operations. That's truly Family Owned & Operated. And something you can put your trust in as a huge differentiator from our competition. Not to mention we've kept most of the sales managers all these years in tact and consider them a part of the family. We have Sales Managers and numerous Sales People whom have been here for 5+, even 10+ years going back to when they started at Oasis Ford (the previous owners). It's that consistency that has helped make us the #1 Ford dealership in NJ, #2 in the Tri-State region and a Top 75 Ford dealership nationwide. It's no surprise we're one of the most awarded dealerships in the Northeast and you'll see why if you give us the opportunity to earn your business. We strive to provide the best shopping experience possible with the largest selection of New, Used, Certified, Commercial & Custom vehicles in the Northeast and the best prices.

Sales & Finance

Q: Why is test driving a car so important?

A: Of course you can window shop our entire inventory online or in person. You can even structure your deal on our site for a specific vehicle, think of it as almost a full e-commerce experience. We'll even deliver the vehicle to your home if it's fully purchased online. With that said, a common statistic in the industry is that nearly 70% of car shoppers buy a vehicle different than the one they originally set out to purchase or lease. Why so high? The test drive and seeing it in person. Most of our customers will change their mind on color, interior features, and packages when they see one on our lot or in our showroom. The test drive is the most important though because these models are now changing every 2-3 years. We want you to be positive that you are comfortable in the one you chose. Ford especially gives you so many different options with models, trims and equipment, making the test drive that much more important for helping you find the perfect vehicle for you.

Q: Why does the whole sales process sometimes take hours?

A: I'm sure you've heard it before as an excuse from car dealerships; it's the second largest purchase in your life behind a house. While some of you buy really expensive furniture and luxury items, it's pretty true. But that excuse doesn't paint the full picture and do it justice. Most customers don't realize what the process involves including (but not limited too), picking out a vehicle, test driving (potentially a few), discussing the best payment options, going through financing (more on this in a second), working in your insurance, choosing your maintenance plans, and learning the new features in the vehicle! Luckily, we have the largest inventory in NJ, so we'll have the car for you! And we're the number 1 selling Ford Dealership in NJ, so we have good practice with this process and have honed it to make it as quick and convenient for you as possible. The financing part is the one that hurts us the most, although it's not our fault. We're calling banks to get the best possible rates for you, sometimes at their mercy to work more quickly. Sometimes, the waiting isn't on anyone in the dealership. We continue to improve our processes though and even offer new online tools that help customers save significant time at the dealership so check them out today!

Q: Can I buy a vehicle with poor credit?

A: Our Ford credit and finance center works hard to help every customer come up with an affordable monthly payment plan regardless of credit. We team up with many local lenders to help you secure car loans or can arrange for you to lease. This is where being the #1 Ford dealership in NJ works to your advantage. We've won the Ford Credit Partners in Quality award from Ford each year for the past 10 years. This is a prestigious award only given to the top dealerships in ensuring customers get the best deals possible. We have personal Finance Managers work with every single customer to make sure their plan plays out the way they would like it too. We do also offer online tools to pre-qualify for credit or even apply for credit directly online if you'd like to do some leg work before coming into the dealership.

Q: What's the deal with all the deals?

A: You see the ads. The auto industry does so much advertising on TV, radio, billboards and online. 0% on this, thousands off MSRP on certain models, $99 a month for what? The truth is, all the manufacturers have perceived value, same as car dealerships. We like to think we're the best of both worlds. Ford currently holds a huge chunk of market share, is America's best-selling brand, has the highest owner loyalty of any auto brand, is the most trusted SUV brand and has the best selling truck for 40 straight years and counting. But yeah it's kind of funny that other brands get excited about winning awards that say they are best in quality, initially. What about after 'initial'? Our dealership, All American Ford in Old Bridge, is the most awarded Ford dealership in the Northeast and the #1 selling Ford dealership in NJ. All of our awards are highly prestigious from Ford Motor Company for excellence in customer service, volume and helping customers with financing. Coming back around to the original point, all dealerships can say they offer the best deals. But we truly can. With the largest inventory selection, best customer service and value - you can't go wrong choosing America's best-selling brand from All American Ford.

Q: What is the real difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned?

A: It's simple. When customers buy or lease new cars from us, their previous vehicle, whether it is a lease or purchase, becomes our used car. It's called a vehicle trade in. Customers can also sell their vehicle to us, even if they don't purchase their next from us. A certified pre-owned is a used vehicle that goes through some sort of certification program. Every manufacturer has one and they are all roughly the same, even though some claim to be better. Ford has a great one and we do send all of our eligible Ford vehicles through the process. Certified vehicles offer you an opportunity to get a like-new pre-owned vehicle at a discounted price. All American Ford takes it a step further. We're one of only 40 authorized MOTOR TREND Certified Dealership in the United States and the only one in New Jersey. If you buy one of these vehicles from us, you'll get benefits no other program or dealership can offer, or come close to offering. All of our MOTOR TREND Certified Vehicles include the following benefits at no extra cost: comprehensive inspection backed by the MOTOR TREND quality name, 6 month/7,500 mile limited warranty, MOTOR TREND's Best Value Guarantee (you literally can't pay too much!), 72 hour exchange policy (you can't buy the wrong vehicle), EasyCare KeyCare, 1 year of complimentary tire & wheel repair, 1 year of complimentary maintenance, $500 trade-in value guarantee, complimentary pick-up & delivery, $250 body shop deductible, guaranteed courtesy loaner vehicle and more. If you're thinking about a pre-owned vehicle or even a new-vehicle, you need to check this MOTOR TREND program out!.

Service & Parts

Q: How important really is car maintenance?

A: It sounds silly that it needs to be asked. But you'd be surprised how many customers skip regular maintenance and oil changes or decide to get it from a local lube shop or national chain. Both of those options can really cause a lot of headaches by directly leading to higher repair bills and ruining your resale value. The truth is, there's no one better than a Ford certified and trained technician to be working on your vehicle. It will show in the CarFax or vehicle history and increase your resale value significantly. Especially if you resale or trade in your vehicle to our dealership. We place extra value on vehicles that our shop has taken care of because we know that they were worked on by the right people. Most people don't want to deal with it or have the "it won't happen to me" mantra but the truth is, these vehicles are machines and repairs are needed from time to time. Some larger than others and if you don't have a warranty or regular maintenance, it could cost you thousands upon thousands when you don't expect it.

Q: How often should I really bring my vehicle in for service?

A: There's no set rule and each manufacturer will suggest different things. All American Ford recommends a routine maintenance (oil change) every 3,000 - 5,000 to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. We recommend tire rotations every 5,000 - 8,000 miles to prevent tread from wearing away unevenly - especially on these New Jersey roads! The previous question talked about why regular maintenance is important and the benefits to the customer. We have easy online scheduling and our award-winning service department prides itself on quick and convenient service.

Q: What is a complimentary loaner vehicle?

A: Complimentary loaner vehicle is a huge buzz phrase in the auto industry. Customers bringing their vehicles into service want to know that there will be a loaner vehicle available for them in case they need to leave their vehicle for an extended period of time. The truth is, everyone advertises complimentary loaner cars and they aren't wrong. The key is how many the dealerhship has available. These non-dealer mechanic shops with no loaner vehicles are at a huge disadvantage. Unfortunately, most customers don't realize it until it's too late and they go there and get stuck with no ride or waiting there for hours upon hours. Sometimes, the shops will have a customer rent a vehicle through a Rent-A-Car; what an extra unnecessary headache. And the smaller dealerships are the same in a sense. Think about it, if their inventory is only 100 vehicles, they can only have so many loaner cars available at a time - usually it's 5-10 for a dealership of that size. That's enough to cover about 5% of the weekly service ROs written. Now, not everyone needs loaner vehicles but still, that's not a lot available for you. Because of our size as an Auto Group, we boast more than 2,500 vehicles. Our Old Bridge location alone accounts for almost 1,000 vehicles and it's this volume that allows us to guarantee a loaner vehicle to every customer that needs one. No one dealership in our area provides this guarantee. Now there are restrictions and disclaimers to this guarantee like everything in life. We're not just going to give out loaners for the stake of it. But we can assure you that if your situation falls into the category of needing one, you'll get one. Is it worth taking the chance at another dealership or mechanic shop? Obviously we think not! There's already going to be one headache for you if you do need to leave your current vehicle here because that means something needs to be fixed. Don't let one headache turn into many. Our award winning service department will ensure you have a fantastic experience here. We hope you give us the opportunity to earn your business. Come experience the All American difference today.


Q: Are you open 7 days a week?

A: We have convenient hours Monday through Saturday, but are closed on Sunday. We're closed on Sundays because of the Blue Laws in the state of New Jersey. However, you can always shop our inventory online on Sundays and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have on Monday morning when we open for the week. Our service department has recently extended our Saturday hours so that we can assist more people!

If there's anything you feel we've left out, don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at


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